Welcome to Brown Chiropractic!

“Let me show you how chiropractic can change your life as it has for so many others. Call for an appointment today!”

Hello and welcome to the new Brown Chiropractic website! I’m Dr. Martin Brown, founder of the Brown Chiropractic practice here in Northfield, New Jersey. Our mission to provide better health to everyone began over 45 years ago, and we’re still helping more people every day. We like to do our best to provide a warm and friendly environment in the office for all the new and returning patients – some of whom have been coming here since this practice started.

In the office I am assisted by my wife, Joy, who greets patients with smiles and conversation. Together, we have three sons: Michael, Douglas, and our 19-year old Alex, who is currently attending Rowan University. You might see them in the office from time to time as well.

To learn more information about myself, the office, and Chiropractic in general, please browse around my site, with the links at the top or the bottom. To schedule an appointment, click the “Location / Hours” link and give us a call. We are around to answer any and all of your questions!

In 2015, we were honored with an Opencare Patients’ Choice Award for top chiropractic office in Northfield, NJ! We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the best chiropractors in the city, and we will continue on each year with our mission to bring better and healthier living to everyone that we see in our office and beyond.