Chiropractic Questions and Answers

Q. How much will chiropractic care cost at Brown Chiropractic?

A. We always offer a no cost (free) consultation to determine the needs of the individual. We want people to determine if they’re in the right place, before they incur any obligation to us, financial or otherwise. If you are a good fit as a member of our practice, at the consultation the Dr. Brown will explain the procedures necessary and the fee involved. If this works for you, great! If not, we’ll bid you adieu and still be friends. For more information about fees, click on fee system.

Q. Does chiropractic care hurt?

A. In the overwhelming majority of cases the chiropractic adjustment is a pleasant experience that practice members look forward to. In addition to the traditional hand adjustment, we also use a “light pressure” instrument for practice members and some children/infants who need a lighter touch.

Q. I’ve heard that chiropractors keep people coming forever. What’s with that?

A. After a short period of frequent visits for initial correction and stabilization of vertebral subluxations, patients have the option of choosing to continue care for ongoing wellness. The lifestyle stresses that cause vertebral subluxations are not going away for most people, and so many choose to continue their health education and chiropractic care at our office for an indefinite period at a reduced schedule. We NEVER hound people to come back to the office, though we do send reminders to those who request them.

Q. Is chiropractic safe?

A. Chiropractic is “remarkably safe” according to the results of a research study that was conducted by the New Zealand government. By not participating in the use of dangerous drugs and surgical procedures, chiropractic has amassed an enviable safety record. You may have heard “rumors” about people being hurt by chiropractic. These are almost always the result of non-chiropractors trying to manipulate people. Beware of untrained individuals, even though they may be doctors or therapists, trying to emulate chiropractors. Chiropractors do not manipulate, they specifically adjust vertebral subluxations in the spine to allow proper nerve system function and the body’s innate intelligence to be properly expressed. No one can learn to provide safe chiropractic care at a weekend course. Chiropractors have spent hundreds of hours in training and years/decades of experience providing chiropractic care.


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