Our Mission

My responsibility as a Chiropractor is to educate the public about the danger of Vertebral Subluxation, and to provide the opportunity for people to get examined for it and get it corrected on a regular basis.

In all living things there is an inner wisdom, which chiropractors call “Innate Intelligence.” This intelligence is the force that regulates all our inner functioning, such as heart rate, blood pressure, secretions of glands, production of new tissue cells, etc. Our very survival depends on this Innate Intelligence every second of our lives. Imagine if we had to consciously control even one of our internal organs. It’s clear that we could never survive without Innate Intelligence, and yet we take it for granted every second of every day. Innate intelligence uses the nervous system of the body as its communication and coordination mechanism. The nerve system is composed of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, and can be thought of as the control center and wiring system of the body. The central part of the nerve system (brain & spinal cord) is encased in bone for protection; the brain inside the skull and the spinal cord inside the 24 moveable vertebrae of the backbone.

The backbone (known as the spinal column) must be allowed to remain in normal alignment and motion in order for the nerve system to operate properly. Unfortunately, the spine may lose its proper alignment and motion due to physical, mental & chemical stresses, which impact us daily. This frequently occurring condition is known as Vertebral Subluxation.

Physical stress includes things such as accidents, falls, heavy lifting, and minor things such as slips and jerks, poor posture, repetitive activities at work, prolonged sitting in front of the TV or computer, etc. Mental stress involves feelings of jealousy, guilt and anger as well as busy schedules and pressure at work or home. Chemical stress encompasses air pollution (especially smoking, even second hand), food additives and drugs and medications. Every drug (even if necessary to save life) has dangerous, harmful side effects. Every one of us is subjected to these harmful physical, mental and chemical stresses everyday of our lives, and therefore at risk to develop Vertebral Subluxation.

Vertebral Subluxation interferes with the Innate Intelligence, the very essence of your life and continued existence. Vertebral Subluxation interferes with full expression of your potential as a human being, reducing your performance on every level to less than what it should be! When you think of the many functions most of us must perform every day, you can begin to understand how devastating Vertebral Subluxation is to human potential.

Unfortunately, Vertebral Subluxation is epidemic in our society. Also unfortunate is the fact that very few people understand that normally you don’t ‘feel’ Vertebral Subluxation. You may feel nothing untoward, or only feel the damage it causes after it has been present for a period of time. Thus it is important to get checked for it and get it corrected regularly. The ONLY way you can know whether you have Subluxation is to get your spine checked by a Chiropractor.